The Untold Truth Of Psychedelic Water

Do you want to feel a sense of euphoria? Look no further, psychedelic water is here for you! Psychedelic substances such as phlocybin (an important part of magic mushrooms) and LSD also have an important role in popular culture. Many drugs involving psychoactive substances have been banned since the 1960s but have been used during this time for psychiatry purposes. However, The Guardian says the psychedelic revolution is coming. Psychedelics can help solve many of the problems we have with mental illness — especially when the illness increases. Although psychedelics are generally prohibited for those who prefer adherence to federal and state legislation, some compounds are nevertheless legally available… or even available for sale. Apparently this drink has popped up on social networks.

Psychedelic Water For Sale

This drink works by triggering the reward center in our brains through the taste. Yes, this means that psychedelic water is tricking your mind into feeling good. As with any addiction or substance that affects our body, it is important to know the negative effects beforehand. Psychedelic water may be a good idea for a fun outing, but it should not be consumed every day, all day- this can lead to overdose and addiction!

Psychedelic Water comes in three delicious flavors

This drink definitely possesses some taste as it does have water. Psychedelic Water responded in a way which gave these drinks a flavorful mix. We recommend the blackberry yuzu to everyone wanting a sweet beverage with a kick. It doesn’t really taste terribly sweet but it does just have enough sweetness to stay on. The sharpness of yuzu complements the blackberry flavour. However, the hibiscus lime flavour is more appealing. A mix of flower notes with acidity will make you a drink you will never want.

How does psychedelic water work?

As we mentioned earlier, the active ingredient is psilocybin – which triggers a euphoric feeling. This euphoric feeling is what causes us to crave more and more, and essentially this begins an addictive cycle. It works so well because it taps into our brain’s reward center, and makes us feel euphoric.

Is Psychedelic Water safe?

The drinks may contain harmful side effects because of their active ingredients. It isn’t recommended for pregnant women or pregnant mothers. The Psychedelic Drink has surpassed all expectations within three days of being marketed by TikTok.

I sipped a psychedelic water to boost my mood before a friend came to visit

I felt burned out at work so I decided I could use any extra euphoria I had legally. Enter psychedelic water, the lightly flavored herbal drink that is described as the first legal psychedelic to improve mood, relieve hangovers and relax. The drink contains kava root, damiana leaf and kava tea leaf tinctures but not magical mushrooms, LSD or any psychedelic substance. Kava is known to the South Pacific cultures as a soothing plant and damiana leaf helps relieve tension and boosts libido. The tea adds some caffeine to the mix.



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