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This is a stunning outlandish group of APE. Goodness, what a name! APE gets its fiercely unseemly name as it is suggestive fit to the male genitalia. This uncommon magic mushroom is accept to have begin in the profundities of the Amazonian rainforests, and fire springing up in the 1970’s. In addition to, effects are the strongest variety among the cubensis, and may incorporate sensational visuals, and extraordinary shamanic journey. Furthermore, penis Envy is appreciate by more experience psychonauts because of its powerful impacts. You will not fail to remember this strain name, so attempt Penis Envy today!

Moreover, the APE albino penis envy mushroom spores are the most uncommon and intense magic mushrooms. Hope to encounter distinctive visual incitement, serious sensations of rapture, wild chuckling and satisfaction. However, origin of APE  shrooms is from a change of the Albinos and Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms. Finally, magic mushrooms contain the substance compound known as psilocybin.


The APE shrooms is regularly answer to be the strongest of the PE variations.


Vivid visual stimulation, intense feelings of euphoria, uncontrollable laughter, and joy, along with periods of deep introspective and philosophical thought.

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