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Blue Meanie Mushroom Online

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Searching for a strain that sneaks up suddenly? Blue Meanies are known to contain up to multiple times the psilocybin content as other mushroom assortments. Furthermore, named for its brilliant and lovely stem shading this mushroom can be discover filling locally in sweltering or heat and humidities.

In addition to, impacts might be knowledgeable about the type of body shivering or unwinding, serious visualizations, and disposition improvement. Watch out, Blue Meanies may make them feel dark and “blue” with its amazing trip impacts!

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Moreover, the Blue Meanie Strain is notable for its rich strong psilocybin content. You will rebelliously get an incredible kick from blue meanies trip. However, Blue Meanie shrooms produce an intense impact that will astound all clients. Finally, magic mushrooms contain the substance compound known as psilocybin.


Expect better than expected power contrasted with other cubensis shroom strains.


Extraordinary elation, joy, and wild chuckling, synesthesia, inspiring enthusiastic sentiments, visual/substantial incitement, and profound reflective idea.

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